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Cross the Gulf of Nicoya by boat and save time!


per person
NO pick up
no minimum persons

us$35 p/p             From Montezuma to Jacó or from Jacó to Montezuma

                                          We leave from our office located in Montezuma downtown at 9:10am

us$30 p/p            Kids older than 3 years old from Montezuma to Jacó or from Jacó to Montezuma

                                         (Kids younger tha 3 years old DO NOT pay)

us$40 p/p   From Montezuma at 8.30am (to Jacó) - Duration 1 hr   

us$40 p/p   From Jacó at 10am (to Montezuma) - Duration 1 hr  

us$50p/p   From Jacó at 10am (to St Teresa/Malpais) - Duration - 3 hrs   

us$50p/p   From St Teresa/Malpais at 7:45am (to Jacó) - Duration 3 hrs   

us$69p/p   From Montezuma at 8:30am (to Manuel Antonio) - Duration 3 hrs   

us$69p/p   From Manuel Antonio at 8am (to Montezuma) - Duration 3 hrs   

us$79p/p   From St Teresa/Malpais at 7:45am (to Manuel Antonio) - Duration 4 hrs   

us$79p/p    From Manuel Antonio at 8am (to St Teresa/Malpais) - Duration 4 hrs   

us$120p/p    From Dominical/Uvita at 7:30am (to St Teresa/Malpais) - Duration 4 hrs   

us$120p/p    From St Teresa/Malpais at 7:45am (to Dominical/Uvita) - Duration 5 hrs   

us$85p/p    From Montezuma at 8:30am (to San José) - Duration 3 hrs   

us$95p/p    From St Teresa/Malpais at 7:45am (to San José) - Duration 4 hs   

us$70p/p     Roundtrip Montezuma-Jacó-Montezuma - Duration 1 hr each direction 

us$90p/p     Roundtrip St Teresa-Jacó-St Teresa - Duration 2 hrs each direction   

us$150p/p   Roudtrip San José-St Teresa-San José - Duration 4 hrs each direction

us$140p/p   Roudtrip San José-Montezuma-San José - Duration 4 hrs each direction

us$550p/p   Private taxi boat at 1pm - Duration 1 hrs   

DESCRIPTION: The Jaco Taxi Boat is a great way to get from the southern Nicoya Peninsula to the mainland, since you can avoid the drive to the ferry and the ferry journey. If you don’t want to fly, it’s also the fastest way from Montezuma or Santa Teresa to San Jose, because you can take the Taxi Boat to Jaco and then catch a bus or taxi to San Jose or the international airport.

From Montezuma to Jaco, it takes about one hour to cross over and the boat holds 10-25 people, depending on the boat and the company. Be aware that from the Montezuma side the boat comes from the small beach/cove in the center of town. But in Jaco, it goes to Playa Herradura, which is north of Jaco next to Los Sueños Resort. So if you’re going to Jaco, then from there the company will take you by shuttle bus to town.

*Afternoon or custom departures are possible if you have a group. Contact the companies directly for pricing/availability.

PRICE INCLUDES:  Transportation from Jacó to Herradura and vice versa.

SCHEDULE: Depart from Montezuma: 9:30am

                       Depart from Jaco/Herradura: 11:am

THE TIP: Connections to:  

  • Santa Teresa, Malpais

  • International Airport, San José

  • Manuel Antonio

  • Dominical, Uvita

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